In these turbulent times when each day feels unpredictable and money is often tight, investing in yourself might not top your priority list. But taking steps to strengthen your belief in yourself and your future could never be more meaningful.  


If you’ve ever thought about hiring a life coach, but hesitated because you couldn’t afford the expense or weren’t clear how coaching works, you’ve come to the right place.  


At One to One, we provide women with professional, pro bono life coaching to help them create and realize the future they want.   


You bring the determination. We supply the professional coach. Then, for 4 to 26 weeks (you choose), you receive the powerful gift of a trusted partner to build strategies and create new patterns. 


One to One welcomes ALL women.  They are daughters, single women and wives. They are mothers, grandmothers, aunts, professionals, housewives and caregivers.  Whether their lives have been impacted by recent world events, war, illness, abuse, addiction, debt or children with special needs, they are each ready to challenge themselves to achieve more than ever before.   

How We Can Help

Pro Bono Coaching

women only


If youre feeling financially fragile and paying for coaching seems out of reach, we’ll pair you with a professional life coach to explore your next steps with confidence and joy. 


You choose between 4 and 26 weeks.

Power Hours

all genders


The fastest way to turn feelings of overwhelm, inertia and stuck-ness into energy and growth.  
Power Hours are one-hour webinars designed for all individuals, groups and teams of all sizes, and a wide range of outcomes. 

Multi-Session Workshops

all genders


Think deeply and shape ideas into inspired, empowered action.  
Over the course of several interconnected sessions, participants gain a robust set of new tools to inspire big shifts in how they think, speak and take action.