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Help us provide a path that offers military caregivers and other deserving, underserved women new ways to overcome challenging times, discover new possibilities, and ensure each success is impactful and enduring.

Together we can increase their impact, change lives and build a better future.

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New times require new skills. PowerHours make taking on new challenges and new opportunities easy and quick. 


Our proven, 60-minute sprints are meticulously designed to offer actionable tips to help you create the life and career that you deserve.  Each provides laser-focused content to Leaders, Teams, Friends, Families, soloprenuers and individuals considering new opportunities, new projects, or launching new businesses.  


PowerHours will leave you with energized and focused with immediate, real-life application. If you’re looking for tools to get from where you are to where you want to be, let us help you choose from our portfolio of customizable Zoom webinars to gain inspiration, insight, focus and energy.   

 Next steps: 

1 Identify your group 
2 Email to chat with a Content Specialist to create a customized bundle or select an individual topic, book your dates, and for all other inquiries 
3 CLICK HERE for the PowerHour flyer 


For every PowerHour you invest in, OtO provides pro bono coaching to women without the  

financial freedom to invest in themselves   

  •   One for One ⚡ One to One    –  


One to One is a 501(c)3 

Support 1 on 1 Coaching

More than one year into a global pandemic, there are so many women who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and who long for a different version of their life.   


The gap between where a woman is and where she wants to be is too often her inability to pay for the powerful support of a life coach. Too often, she puts everyone else’s needs, wants and demands above her own.  Together, we can bridge that gap. 


DONATE TODAY and create a permanent legacy by investing in the well-being of these deserving women. 


One to One was founded for women who are experiencing financial instability because evidence and our own 17+ years delivering professional life coaching proves that this in turns creates a profound ripple effect, lifting and changing the lives of many others who she touches – family, friends, colleagues, and others in the networks she is connected to.  


Together we can expand these transformative ripples and create a permanent legacy.  


DONATE TODAY and support our global mission to deliver masterful, meaningful support through the power of professional life coaching. 


This workshop is an invitation to focus just on you and what you want to do to create a life that feels deeply meaningful, joyful and rewarding.   


Life By Design© is where you write the next chapter. It’s where you can bring your big and small ideas, increase self-awareness, discover new things about yourself and your opportunities, overcome obstacles and make changes out in the world.  


This robust programming pulls together some of the best coaching tools for improving life satisfaction, action planning, goal setting, communication, and much more. It is an online, interactive, hands-on workshop in a confidential setting.  

The Life By Design© experience includes: 

✓  All materials in PDF format  

✓  6 hours of training that participants can implement immediately 

✓  Flexible, multi-session delivery options  

✓  Customizable coaching add-ons 

✓  Professional and peer support in-between sessions 

✓  2 certified instructors  

✓  Registration cohorts are up to 10 attendees  


Can’t make it? All session recordings are available on the OtO Media Hub 


If you’re ready to take on today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities and bring your dreams alive, emailHello@OneToOneWomen.Org to arrange for your own Life By Design group, book your dates and get cracking!  


Download the Life By Design© flyer here 


The power of collective giving is what has enabled our community of dedicated volunteers to support and shape the future for women and the many networks they touch, lift and transform.



To bring together 100 women who believe in the power of collective, inclusive giving to positively impact our community by working towards equitably distributed support for women by providing professional coaching.  Membership in the council is an opportunity to learn our community’s needs and the impact of informed philanthropy, connect with other women, and work together to make a collective impact.  

  The power of collective giving is what has enabled our organization to thrive for more than 17 years. It is the core value of our worldwide community of dedicated volunteers who support women and help them reshape and revitalize their futures and the many networks they touch, lift and transform. 


The Advisory Council (TAC) of One to One is a diverse group of women who harness the power of their collective giving to make a difference in the lives of highly motivated, underserved women around the country and the world. TAC was established in 2021 to engage women who want to have a true impact in the world. 


TAC members want to be well-informed philanthropists, to ensure that their investment is used effectively and has true impact. We meet with Board and Leadership Team each year to learn more about that year’s focus area and about grant making in general. 


Members also like to network! TAC meetings provide opportunities for members to connect, have fun and grow as well. We’re currently seeking to expand our membership and invite you to learn more about TAC and how, through our collective giving framework, you can make a difference in your local community. 


INTERESTED TO LEARN MORE?  Email with TAC in the subject line and the following info in the email and we will be in touch. 

       First & Last Name 

        LinkedIn profile link, CV or short bio 

-    Where you currently live  (city, state, country) 

-     Your time zone 


Because no one knows you care until you give them cake! 


Thanks to the generosity of Sugar Chateau Desserts, you can enjoy DELICIOUS cake, support a small woman-owned business, AND support One to One all at once! 


Your 10% discount on their delightful “Cakes in a Jar” with codeOTO22 + 50% of proceeds come back to One to One = everyone is a winner! 


Next steps: 

2 Review all the amazing flavors HERE
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