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What We Do

Each client comes to One to One with different challenges, experiences and talents uniquely their own. During the application process, we match a women’s needs with the coach who seems best for her. Women who complete One to One coaching often mention these benefits:

How One to One Life Coaching Works

Women who qualify for coaching services will receive 26 weekly coaching sessions with a professional coach. This is up to 8 months of intensive coaching.

All coaching is generally conducted on the phone or via Skype.

You will be matched with a life coach who will work with you to identify goals that are important to you. As a One to One client, you will create a working “life plan” that allows you to focus on achieving your goals and celebrating your success.

A Special Note to Military Caregivers

If you are a caregiver to a spouse/partner who is a wounded U.S. veteran, please click here to see how you can receive coaching that pertains to your specific situation and challenges.

Interested? Here’s How to Apply

Clients who meet the financial requirements are screened for the following criteria before matched with a coach:

If you are interested in life coaching and meet these requirements, it’s easy to complete an online application. Once we review your application, One to One Client Services will contact you to discuss coaching in more detail and answer any questions you may have. If you qualify for coaching and agreement is reached you will be matched with a One to One coach who is right for you!

The Client Application Process

Step 1: Client Applicant applies for pro bono coaching program online using “Apply” button below

Step 2: A Client Applicant Questionnaire will be sent to the email listed on application and returned to move onto the next step in the application process.

Step 3: Client applicant will be invited to a discovery call with a client services team member.

Step 4: Client applicant will be sent a coaching contemplation to be completed and returned to their assigned client services team member.

Step 5: If coaching is deemed appropriate, the client applicant will be added to the online system where she will need to complete all necessary forms and pay the administration fee in order to begin the pro bono coaching relationship.

Step 6: Once all prior steps have been completed, the client applicant is accepted as a client and will be matched with her coach.

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Terry Hayes

Terry Hayes

Director of Client Services