Client Stories

The women who commit to and complete six months of coaching with One to One leave us in awe of their courage, motivation, caring and resilience. Here are a few of their stories.

Emily, North Carolina

first client story picI am a military spouse and caregiver to my husband, a double above-knee amputee as a result of stepping on an IED in Afghanistan in 2011. An organization stepped up and promised to build him a wheel chair accessible home; however, a year into the project it was clear this organization would not be able to make good on its promise. Left with a plot of land and a faithful contractor, we set off to build this home on our own, a feat that was not easily accomplished.

The impact coaching has had on my life is hard to put into words, because words hardly do it justice – it relates more to feelings and attitude. Over the past four years my husband and I have been building this house which is finally completed…four years sounds like a long time, too long, to most people. And trust me, it was.

“Pessimist” is the one word I would use to describe myself, and I had let negativity creep into my daily life, if you could even call it living. My coach was bright, supportive woman and through my coaching sessions I was able to focus more on the good in my life; the good that has always been there, but I was too overwhelmed to see. Without coaching I am not sure I would have made it through the house-building venture in such positive light. I am very appreciative to One to One Women Coaching Women and to the coaches that give so much of their time, energy and attention to empower women and allow them to turn their dreams into a reality.

Gwendolyn, Florida

2nd Client Story

When I began my coaching program with One to One, I was going through a lot with my husband. I had “lost my voice” and was unable to speak up

for myself. As I talked with my coach I began to find my voice again. As I shared my situation with my coach, I became aware that I felt like I was living in prison.

Very quickly, I realized how much I needed to get out of the situation with my husband and become my authentic self again. My coach never advised me to leave my husband, rather she gave me tools to look at my situation differently, and to sort through what I really wanted for my life. I did not tell my husband I was leaving, as he would have prevented it. When I had everything ready to leave, I contacted a friend from Florida to come get me while my husband was at work.

Early on, coaching helped me realize that I assumed a lot of things. My coach helped me practice asking questions to find out the truth. She would say, “Did you ask?” and that made me realize I was more comfortable assuming my own answer than finding out the real answer.

Things did not go as I assumed they would when I got to Florida. My friend wanted me to find a job and move out ASAP. I felt helpless without a car to hunt for jobs – my coach encouraged me to learn to use public transportation. With practice and asking the right questions, I became good at using the bus system.

In early January, I moved in with another friend and began looking for work every day, but could not find a job. It was disappointing to be rejected day after day. At times I wanted to give up, my coach encouraged me to keep at it – and I did!

After several months, while I was still looking for a job, my second friend gave me a deadline for moving out. I was fortunate in that someone from the church I was attending offered me a room in her home. In the same week I moved, I got my first job. The pastor of my church worked out a deal for me to purchase a used car from him. I saved money to realize my dream of having my own apartment and a car.

I am grateful my coach was with me every step of the way. I did not know what I wanted to get out of coaching, but what I got will continue to taking me to the next level of my life. My current situation – one year from when I began coaching with One to One – is that I have a full time job that I love as well as a part-time job at the stadium during football season. I have my own apartment and my own car. Best of all, I have reclaimed my voice and found my authentic self!