Military Veterans and Caregivers

Women Military Veterans

Whether your in transition from your time in service or you've been out a while, we are here to support you wherever you are on your journey. You've given so much of yourself to our nation and for this we are all grateful. We look forward to helping you gain clarity about what the next chapters look like for you.

Military Caregivers

You may not have served on the front lines, but you most certainly served in many other ways. We consider you to be part of our caregiver program if you're caring for a Veteran who was injured or became ill or paid the ultimate sacrifice either in the line of duty or after service. We are eager to hear what you're looking for next in your life.

OtO Military Families

Once you become part of our military client community, you become family! We love to stay connected with the clients who wish to remain a part of our OtO family. We share in the continued successes long after the coaching relationship ends. More often than not, our coaches and clients build a lifelong relationship with one another throughout their coaching. 

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