Client Services

We  provide top-quality professional life coaching to women of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities as well as to women military Veterans and caregivers.  We offer a sliding scale to those women who have the ability to pay.

A One to One client is a woman who has a readiness to discover and express what she wants, to set goals, to create a plan and to move forward. 

One to One is an inclusive 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with tax exempt status.

Each woman comes to One to One with her own unique challenges, experiences and talents.

We offer a sounding board: Which is a deep listening to who she is and a non-judgmental exploration all the options.

During the application process, we match a women’s needs, values and personality with a coach who best aligns with her temperament and with what she wants

Some of the many life-transforming benefits from One to One coaching are:

  • A fresh perspective regarding her personal challenges and effective strategies for working with them
  • Enhanced decision-making skills
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem with renewed belief in herself
  • Deeper understanding of personal strengths and values and how to maximize them
  • A clearer vision of the life she wishes to create as well as the motivation to take concrete steps to move forward
  • Greater skill in establishing goals as well as increasing her ability to employ concrete strategies to implement them

Life Coaching is a future-oriented process that is grounded in the belief that every woman is whole and has her own answers. OtO partners every client with a professionally trained and certified life coach.

Working with an OtO coach enables a client to translate her dreams and desires into a practical, realistic, and actionable life plan.

All coaching is generally conducted on the phone or via a virtual platform such as Zoom or Skype. All our clients have the  option of 4 to 26 weeks of coaching; Coaching can end when the client feels complete. 

You will be matched with a life coach who will work with you to identify goals that are important to you. As a One to One client, you will create a working “life plan” that allows you to focus on achieving your goals and celebrating your success. 

Our clients choose their agenda for each session and work directly with their coach week after week on their individual goals.

Client Celebrations