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Military Caregivers are our silent heroes and we want to help 

Wounded U.S. military veterans often depend on their spouses/partners as their primary caregivers when they return home. Too often, these have no support of their own and, according to a recent study by the Rand Corporation, have these issues to deal with:

  • Military caregivers are often younger mothers with dependent-age children with jobs outside the home while caring for spouses dealing with physical and mental trauma.

  • These caregivers often provide services typically conducted by nurses, orderlies and attendants while also coordinating their spouses’ care, acting as advocates for new or better treatment, and dealing with financial and legal representatives.

  • Caregivers often put themselves last, working long hours to take care of everyone else’s needs, resulting in physical and mental problems and emotional distress.

Since 2014, One to One Women Coaching Women has provided support to these caregivers by offering 26 (or more) weekly coaching sessions with a certified life coach who has completed a caregiver training program that focuses on issues specific to caregivers and the neurobiology of trauma.

Caregiver Testimonial

“One-to-One is a game changer. It is not just a hand-out or hands-up movement. It is a confidante, cheerleader, professional, trained coach, walking alongside you to help you plot your own road map and summit your own mountains. Their mission, our mission, is to take the confident dream-filled woman who for too long has borne the burden of focusing on and taking care of everyone else, and gives them the tools to not only say “I can do that, but I WILL do that for myself because I am worth it and I deserve it!” One-to-One promotes self-love, self-care and the unlocking of creativity, possibilities, opportunities, and wishing on stars all like we were young again. I [am] continually blessed to be in the same orbit as you mighty women!’ Caitlin, WA

Interested? Here’s How to Apply

To participate in One to One life coaching for caregivers, potential clients must meet three specific qualifications:

  1. Financial criteria: We work with clients who cannot otherwise afford a coach.

  2. Motivation:  Our clients show a desire to change their circumstances and they understand that the work to do is theirs.

  3. Initial success: We look for clients who have experienced some level of success in at least one area of their lives.

If you are interested in life coaching and meet these requirements, it’s easy to complete an online application. One we review your application, our Director of Client Services, Terry Hayes, will contact you to discuss coaching in more detail and answer any question you may have. If you qualify for coaching, Terry will match you with a One to One coach who is right for you!

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Your application will be sent directly to the Director of Client Services for One to One.

Terry Hayes


Terry Hayes

Director of Client Services